Wednesday, May 11, 2011

German Food - What Type of Food Do Germans Eat?

After living in Germany for 5 years, having a German Wife and many German Friends, I have come to be accustomed to the types of feed the median German eats in Germany.
First, you should comprehend traditional German foods like Jaegershnitzel are not everyday foods for Germans. Yes, they are eaten there, but the purpose of this report is to explicate the everyday foods that are eaten in Germany.

1. Bread - When the words "food" and "Germany" are spoken in the same sentence the First thing that comes to mind is bread! Germans Love their bread! Bread is eaten in distinct ways for every meal of the day together with snacks. That doesn't mean that every German eats bread with every meal, but bread is a tasteless part of many German dishes, no matter what the time of day.

Traditional Food

2. Potatoes - In a close second is potatoes. I had no idea potatoes could be served in so many distinct ways until I moved to Germany. Many German Potato Dishes are unquestionably good too!

3. Cheese - Cheese is generally eaten in Germany along with bread and lunch meat and like the distinct potato dishes that you will find in Germany, there are So many distinct kinds of cheeses in Germany it's incredible.

4. Lunch Meat - Lunch meat, like salami, is very favorite in Germany especially accompanied with cheese on bread. Lunch meat and cheese on a brochen (bread) is a very tasteless morning meal and supper meal.

5. Salad - Salad is very favorite in Germany as a lunch and/or supper side dish.

6. Bratwurst & French Fries - A brat and fries to a German is like a Cheeseburger and fries to an American. It's their junk food and it's eaten a lot, just like American junk food.

7. Cereal - As with many other Countries throughout the World, Germans love cereal and oatmeal, particularly "Muesli" (uncooked rolled oats.)

Obviously the German diet isn't restricted to only this list of foods, but based on my caress and time living in Germany they are the most favorite everyday foods.

German Food - What Type of Food Do Germans Eat?

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